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9 Lives /Paws for Life: a London based cat rescue working to save the lives of cats in danger of unnecessary euthanasia and those who have no home or need a new home. 9 Lives cats were rehomed from 1996 to 2007. 9 Lives specialised in rehoming cats which were elderly, disabled or had a chronic medical problem.

Paws for Life was set up in July 2007 and is run by volunteers in their spare time.  Since 2007 all cats we have saved are Paws for life cats. We mainly rescue cats that are classed as ‘harder to home cats'  These are mainly FIV+ve, disabled, elderly or cats that need medication but if we can help, we will take any age and we will help to rehome any cat in need of a new home.

We believe that while quality of life exists, no cat should be prematurely killed.


Because of the nature of the cats we care for, funds are very limited and vet bills are extremely expensive.  We are therefore lucky to be able to run this competition / fund raiser.  We have been given a voucher worth £60 to enable the winner to have a sculpture of their much loved / favourite cat or dog made from your favourite photograph.

The entry fee is £5 and can be made via the donation button below. Each £5 donation will be entered into the draw.  There is no limit to how many times you can enter so the more times you do, the more much needed funds will be raised.   The winner will be notified by email on the 20th  November 2014 so ensure that we have an email address for you.  This will make an excellent present for someone.

The voucher is donated by Emerson Kate Designs. See the lovely sculptures they make on https://www.etsy.com/shop/EmersonKateDesigns

See example of sculpture below

We hope you will enjoy "meeting" our lovely cats. Many have had a rough time until they came to us. Some were strays, some were unwanted pets, or their owner may have died or could no longer care for them for other reasons. Many are elderly, some have health problems; but you can be sure that Paws for Life will do everything possible to find loving homes for them where they can stay for the rest of their lives. We do not kill while quality of life remains; the life of every cat is precious. We hope that by visiting here you will understand that not all cats are young and in the best of health. We believe that every cat should have the chance to live out its life in love and comfort regardless of age and while quality of life remains. Too many cats are killed because they are considered too old to settle in a new home, but we have proved time and time again that they do just that, and bring lots of love to the special people who have given them that chance. Kittens grow into cats, and cats get old just as we do. Age is not a crime. Please click here to see some lovely cats waiting for a new home, and please think about our 'pensioner' cats before you go.